School Mascot Clipart

Our school mascot clipart sets are designed for elementary schools, and make an excellent foundation for positive behavior and character trait education programs. Use our kid-friendly school mascots as a role model to visually demonstrate positive behavior and create a school climate and productive learning environment.

Mascot Junction™ offers two types of school mascot clip art sets for more than 50 different mascots: Positive Behavior, and Standard School Activities. Our Positive Behavior Clipart sets are designed for PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) programs. They feature 40 illustrations that visually demonstrate positive behaviors like “Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance,” etc.  For information on our Positive Behavior Clipart Sets for PBIS programs, visit Mascot Junction™ at

Our Standard School Activities Clip art Sets feature 48, or more, illustrations of your school mascot doing a variety of school and sport related activities. This clip art is ideal for yearbook design, newsletters, posters, bulletins and all type of school projects and communications.

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