Mascot List

Use our kid-friendly school mascots as a positive role model to teach behavioral expectations. Each mascot comes in two types of clipart sets. The Standard School Activities set features 48, or more, illustrations of school and sports related activities. Perfect for yearbooks, t-shirts, posters, banners and much more! The Expectations Clipart sets are built around words commonly used in PBIS themes and acronyms, such as “respect, integrity, responsibility.”

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If you don’t see your mascot here, please let us know and we’ll be glad to create a clipart set of YOUR mascot. E-mail us at

Bear (black) Clipart
Bear (brown) Clipart
Bear Cub Clipart
Bee Clipart
Blue Jay Clipart
Bobcat Clipart
Bulldog Clipart
Cardinal Clipart
Cheetah Clipart
Cougar Clipart
Devil Clipart
Dolphin Clipart
Dog Clipart
Dragon Clipart
Duck Clipart
Eagle Clipart
Falcon Clipart
Griffin Clipart
Hawk Clipart
Husky Clipart
Jaguar Clipart – Spotted
Jaguar Clipart – Black
Kangaroo Clipart
Leopard Clipart
Lion Clipart
Panther Clipart
Parrot Clipart
Patriot Clipart
Penguin Clipart
Pirate Clipart
Puppy Clipart
Rocket Clipart
Seahawk Clipart
Tiger Clipart
Tornado Clipart – Dark
Tornado Clipart – White
Wildcat Clipart
Wolf Clipart