Kangaroo Mascot Clipart

This Kangaroo mascot was designed specifically for elementary schools and contains more than 48 illustrations of the Kangaroo doing a variety of school and sport related activities. See all the images in the Kangaroo Mascot Clipart Bundle at Toons4biz.com.

Kangaroo Mascot ClipartThis cute kangaroo is kid-friendly, designed specifically for use as an elementary school mascot. His clipart bundle includes 48 images, in both high resolution vector and low resolution png format. The vector images are the preferred format of printers because they can be scaled as big as you want, without loss of detail, or pixelization. The png images are ideal for small printing projects and electronic applications. The png images are easy to use in MicroSoft Office programs such as Word and Powerpoint, and also great for Web sites. They come with a clear background, so you can put them on top of colors and other photographic images without a white box appearing around them.

The vector images require a publishing program in order to use them. You can open and edit the images in vector based programs like Illustrator or Coreldraw. You can import, or place, the vector images in publishing programs like InDesign and Quark Xpress. You can also open the vector images in photoshop, but when you do that, you convert them to a pixel format, and assume the same qualities as a typical photograph. They will be converted to pixels, and if you enlarge the image to much, you will see the pixels.

Use the vector versions of the kangaroo for t-shirts, banners, posters and larger print projects. Use the low resolution png images for Web sites, Powerpoint and other electronic applications. You can also use the low resolution images for small printing projects. As a general guideline – no larger than 2 inches tall.

The kangaroo comes in poses that reflect the major holidays of Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Use what we call the “peeking” poses to make the kangaroo peek around, or over, a box or photo. It’s a great way to work the kangaroo into layouts where space is tight. The peeking kangaroo poses are a favorite for yearbook design. Customize the kangaroo holding a blank sign with whatever text you want. Use the kangaroo holding a stop sign to get students to stop, read instructions and/or pay attention to important safety messages. Use the kangaroo holding a fist full of money to educate about finances or to communicate about fundraisers for your school. We even have illustrations to celebrate special days and achievements such as losing a tooth, or crazy hair day. There are also illustrations of the kangaroo representing music, art, reading and computer skills. Of course, we have all the sports covered, including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, field hockey, dodge ball, running and hiking.

If you can think of any other illustrations of the kangaroo that would be helpful for your school, please let us know. We are constantly adding to our illustration library, and appreciate your input.